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All You Need To Know About Control Panels In Web Hosting
If you run a business website, then you already know what a control panel is. If you don’t, let me explain to you. The control panel is a critical part of any website or web hosting account. Without a control panel, you wouldn’t be able to administer your web hosting account. cPanel, Direct Admin, and Parallels Plesk are the most used web hosting control panels. Some control panels are only compatible with Windows, while others
5 Important Things To Consider When Changing Your Web Hosting Company
People change web hosts for different reasons. Maybe their current hosting plans don’t offer the kind of features and support they need. Or maybe they stumbled across an efficient and reasonably priced web hosting company, and they don’t want to pass up that opportunity. Regardless of the reasons to change web host, a website owner must consider several factors before taking the plunge. Let’s check them out: Back up your entire website before your move
Steps To Moving Your Website From One Web Hosting Company To Another
Each year, some website owners move their websites from one web hosting company to another. They do so because of different reasons; either the hosting company did not live up to their expectations, or they want to move their company to a more powerful web hosting server. Moving your website from one web host to another is allowed, but you have to follow this process: You need to set up an account with another web